05-28-12 “Sunday liquor sales are popular,” The Day

05-22-12 “Buy Alcohol on Sunday? Connecticut Now Allows It,” Editorial, New Haven Register

05-20-12 “Buy Alcohol on Sunday? Connecticut Now Allows It,” New York Times

05-20-12 “Consumers celebrate Sunday alcohol sales in Connecticut,” The Hour

02-08-12 “Connecticut may soon allow liquor sales on Sundays,” NECN

02-08-12 “Sunday sales debate set to kick off in Connecticut,” Shaken News Daily

02-08-12 “Poll shows Malloy’s approval rating is up, Sunday alcohol sales favoredThe Day

02-07-12 “Yankee releases new poll,” Yankee Institute for Public Policy

02-03-12 “Connecticut considers allowing Sunday liquor salesNPR

01-26-12 “Shaking up blue lawsStratford Star

01-19-12 “Governor asks for overhaul of state’s alcohol laws,” ReminderNews

01-17-12 “Malloy proposes Sunday liquor sales,” Yale Daily News

01-17-12 “Expanding store hours makes sense for state revenues and consumers,” Editorial, The News-Times

01-17-12 “Put a cork in Sunday ban on alcohol sales,” Editorial, The Day

01-16-12 “Malloy wants to allow Sunday liquor salesShelton Patch

01-14-12 “Drivers crossing state line for liquorWWLP

01-14-12 “Malloy proposes sweeping changes to CT’s liquor lawsCT News Junkie

01-14-12 “Governor promises Sunday liquor sales, lower prices,” CT Mirror

01-14-12 “No More Dry Sundays: Good For Consumers And The State,” Editorial, Hartford Courant

01-14-12 “Malloy to push for expanded alcohol sales,” The Day

01-14-12 “Gov. Malloy says updating ‘blue laws’ would help retailers and consumers,” New Haven Register

01-14-12 “CT Gov pushing Sunday liquor salesWWLP

01-13-12Malloy Backs Sunday Sales of Alcohol,” CT News Junkie

01-13-12 “Mallow to back Sunday liquor sales in ConnecticutWTNH

01-13-12 “Gov to back Sunday liquor sales in ConnecticutBloomberg Businessweek

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